How to Create Email Without Registration? (video HD)

Now you can create email directly without registration. Here’s how to do it?
Email conversations are part in our daily digital life to communicate with your friends, colleagues, interviewers and anonymous persons also. There are many popular services which provide best email services with lot of features.
  • GB’s of free space.
  • Allows sending large attachments.
  • Gives access to their other services.
  • Robust security with one time password, two step authentication.
  • Easy to use interface.
In Internet there are 3 types of email services available.
  1. Personal emails
  2. Business emails
  3. Temporary emails

Here is a beautiful video demonstration on how to create email without registration. Check it.

1. Personal Emails:

These types of emails are useful for personal purposes like message sending, receiving and access other popular web services. Some of the popular email service providers are
  • Gmail
  • Outlook mail
  • Yahoo mail 
  • Rediff mail

2. Business Emails:

This type of email services are useful to business persons by giving decent amount of storage space and gives mail address with your domain name like To get business email you need to own a website. Some of the popular business email providers
  • Google apps
  • Knownhost
  • Hostgator

3. Temporary Emails:

These types of email services are also popular among them. These all are disposable services which are gone in less span of time(10 min,20 min,60 min).There are many popular temporary email services gives random emails, you need not to enter any details.
Check this link to know in detail about temporary mail services.

Create email without registration:

There are many temporary email services are available but here I choose because it allows you to use any email address.
1. First open website or forum in which you want to create an account.
2. Now give any as email address in the field.
3. Open website and type email address what you use and click on check inbox.
create mail without registration
4. Surprisingly it is available and already number of emails shown in the inbox.
Is it safe  to create account in
Yes it is absolutely with some precautions. After completion of your registration process goes to and check your inbox, delete all emails which belong to you. That’s it

How to Save Images of Any Website Using Firefox?

With Firefox built-in feature, you can save any image of any website without using any image downloading software.
While you are in browsing anyone of the image much impress you and you want to save it into your local disk but some images are doesn’t have facility to  save them to local disk because the website owner disable right click feature on image to stop reusing that image on others website.

Actually in internet there are many tools and extensions are available to download images but there is another beautiful way to save images into local disk without using any other software except your browser(Firefox).This is bad for webmasters because they wrote bunch of code in JavaScript to disable right click on feature on images.

Steps to save images of any website using Firefox:


Firefox (either standalone or portable version)

1.  First you need to install Firefox in your computer still you don’t have Firefox, download it from product website   or you can use portable version of Firefox also.
2.  After installation open website you want to save images and now the trick begins.
3.  Firefox gives a beautiful option to save images that is under page Info option.
4.  Go to tools menu and click on page info option. Here you can see 4 or 5 tabs based on the website you open.
pageinfo in firefox
5.  Select media tab in those tabs and click on any one of the image. Now you can able to see all details of image with preview.
6. Click on save as button to save any image to your local disk without restricting even right click disabled images also.
save image using firefox
7. You can download more images at a time by selecting more with ctrl+click and select save as button.That’s it now download any image from any website.

If you know any easy methods to download images share via comments.

Asus Webstorage–A New Cloud App For Windows8 Users

Asus extends their services to cloud services also by introducing new windows 8 app. Cloud services are increased day by day and it is necessary source for every pc user to store their files in internet securely. In this way every one use cloud desktop applications to integrate their system with cloud services and syncing folders and important files to cloud services.
I've already share an article about top 5 cloud service providers at and this is new service which entered in cloud service market. We all know about Asus which is a leading laptop manufacturer in the world and now they launch windows 8 app to access their web storage which allows you to sync and access your files through internet anywhere in the world.

Asus web storage for Windows 8:

1. you can download it from the Asus WebStorage website or download from windows 8 app store.
2. After installing open it from the metro start menu and you don’t have any account in Asus web storage click on signup and create an account with your primary email address.
3. After creating an account login with your credentials and you can see 4 categories
  • Space
  • Tag
  • Attribute
  • Share
Asus WebStorage
4. In Space category you can check your syncing folders, backup data and your collection.
5. Track all changes of files and folders in attribute tile and you can recent music, photos also.
6. You can see the account settings and other account information easily by pressing the Win+c key combination while on application.
account info on asus web storage
7. Give app permissions to control the application usage in computer.
app permissions in asus web storage


  • Easy to use tile user interface.
  • Gives 5 GB cloud storage without referrals.
  • Easily share files and folders by creating collaboration.
  • Upload files and folders easily by right click on application.
  • Create video and audio record files which are missed in other cloud services.

Compare Nokia Lumia 920 with Apple iPhone 5

nokia vs apple
Image credit:
Nokia and Apple are, undoubtedly, two of the most successful mobile-manufacturing companies. Both have given us excellent models, from the classic and indestructible Nokia 3310, to the classy and glitzy iPhone 4s. They have been leading the charts for many years now, and even though Nokia came first, Apple has surged far ahead of the others, becoming the first trillion-dollar company in the world. Hence, it is impossible to denote a clear winner, but still, as reviewers, we shall now try to make out the best in these two amazing companies.


In terms of hardware, iPhone 5 is distinctly slimmer, narrower and lighter, while Lumia 920 is a bit on the bulky side. The screen is mostly the same size, and with only a difference of .5mm, Lumia 920’s screen is larger. The internal storage of the iPhone 5 is 64 GB, which is double that of Lumia 920, which has only b space. However, in the case of processor, Lumia is better in both speed and size. Its CPU clock speed (2X1.5Ghz) is 20% percent more than that of iPhone 5’s (2X1.2Ghz) while its semiconductor is 15% smaller. Also, Nokia Lumia 920’s Gorilla Glass is much more durable than iPhone 5’s screen. Lumia’s battery life is also 18% larger, and it has wireless charging as well.
This aspect’s a little tough to judge, since Apple has portability and larger internal memory, while Nokia has the advantage of better performance and better battery. But if I had to choose one, I would say Nokia Lumia 920.


First off, Apple’s iOS is considerably better than Nokia’s Windows Phone. With more than 750, 000 apps, and more coming every day, iOS makes a killing in this aspect. It is also much more user-friendly, with a lot more variety, and very useful apps inbuilt already. Windows Phone is much more glitzy and pretty, but in real terms, iOS reigns supreme. Adding to that, the iPhone 5 has a much newer version of Bluetooth (4.0) as compared to Nokia Lumia 920’s 3.0. On the other hand, Lumia 920 has some very nifty features like USB transfer, which renders Bluetooth mostly useless, and Near-Field-Communication (NFC) which allows wireless transactions like payments. Also, its upload speed is higher.
All in all, Apple has the upper hand here. iOS is obviously better than Windows Phone, and the newer version of Bluetooth is also a plus point. Nokia mostly lags behind, with only a few useful features to uphold its status.


There is no question about it, Nokia Lumia 920 is the clear-cut winner. With a branded camera (Carl Zeiss), two-stage shutter, more megapixels, better focus, dual flash, etc. etc. the list goes on. Apple has only the coveted AF tracking system to save its face here. AF tracking follows the subject if it moves around in the photo, which means that you’ll never get another blurry picture again. But despite this, Lumia 920’s camera is WAY better than Apple iPhone 5’s.
In this particular field, Lumia 920 wins hands down. No question about it at all.

All-in-all Performance:

While Apple iPhone 5 may be the first choice for old mobile users, many new members of this franchise are looking eagerly towards Nokia Lumia 920. It is a charm to use and operate, and the ease of access with wireless features (no more tangled wires!) like wireless charging, wireless transactions, data transfer and much more. So, conclusively speaking, in terms of sale, iPhone 5 may rule the market, but the relatively new Lumia brand is quickly moving up the charts. Apple has the advantage of an already existing goodwill, more internal storage, better Bluetooth, way more apps, and a lot more.
So in terms of performance, it’s mostly a tie between the two. Hence, I leave it up to the user to decide for himself/herself which one suits him/her more.

Final Verdict:

I hope you understand how difficult it is to choose a clear winner out of the two. I have provided the details, the comparison and the facts. And now, it is up to each of you to decide which one to choose, since, after all, it is your own money you’re spending.

Author Bio:
This is a Guest Post by Raj for techiestate and techieword

How to Check Your Computer Security Score?

Now you can check your computer security score within a minute by using OPSWAT security score score of computer

Few Straight Questions to readers:

1. How long time you perform a full scan of your computer?
2. Do you use updated browser for internet?
3. In which date you update your antivirus?
4. Do you enable firewall or not?
If you said no to any two questions you need to check your computer security score and perform actions towards it.
               Security is the main aspect for every computer and without following any security measurements you will be in the edge of risk. That means risk comes in any form like Trojan horse, malware, phishing attacks. Once you’re victimized by these attacks loss is unpredictable and unrecoverable.

              So we need to understand security flaws of our computer by checking and analyzing security score. If you want to know about your computer security score this tool is designed for you.

Opswat security score

OPSWAT is a security tool which is designed by OESIS team to check your computer security level.
1. Go to product website and download security score tool.
2. This is portable tool and you don’t need to install it on your computer.

Also read –> How to run applications without admin rights?

3. After downloading the tool open it double clicking and check the agreement box and click on start button to start the security test.
security score
4. It checks whole your computer under 7 categories.
  • Firewall
  • Hard disk encryption
  • Patch management
  • Backup
  • Public file sharing
  • Antivirus
  • Anti-phishing
5. After completion of security check it assign scores to those categories and total score displayed in the middle of the chart.
securtiy score category wise
6. If you want to check how it gives score to those categories click them individually and see the details completely.
antivirus score
7. It shows the current status of products and gives suggestions to improve security score.

Now it is in beta state and in my testing “export log” feature doesn’t works well and it leads to application crash in windows. So let’s give it a try to check your computer security score.

How to Create SFX Archive without Using any Software?

Now you can create self-extracting archive in windows without using any third party software.
In our daily usage we are working with many file types especially zip files. We use zip files to send more files in less amount of size in internet. This is OK but what you done if you don’t have any file any file extracting software. Let us assume you don’t have active internet connection too, you are hopeless.
To overcome this problem you need to create self-extracting archive. To do this operation many applications are available in the internet like WinRAR, WinZip etc. But we can do the same task without using any third party software.

Steps to create self extracting archive in windows:

1. Open run box with win+r key combination and type “iexpress” in run box.
2. Now it opens iexpress tool, to create self-extract archive.
3. By default “create new self-extraction directive file” option selected just click on next button
iexpress interface

4. Now you need to select final result of the package. “Select files and run an installation command” and click on next button..

selection of extraction type

5. Type title of package in the box and click on next button.
pack name in iexpress
6. Now select prompt type to “No prompt and click on next.
select prompt type
7. Set license agreement if any have else set it to default and click on next button.
select license agreement
8. Now add files by clicking on add button and select no of files and click on next button.
9. Type file name in “Install program” box and click on next.
install program
10. Now select the self extracting method in the following methods.
show window
11. If you want to display any message to your friends type in that or else leave it and click on next button.
12. Now select the target path to save the self extracting archive by clicking browser button and click on next button.
13. Select “no restart and click on next button.
restart method
14. Click on next button two times repeatedly to create package.
15. Package creation is completed and it creates an exe file.

How to Get Indian Apps in Windows 8 App Store?

Now you can get your country/region apps in windows 8 app store. Here’s how to do it.
If you observe windows 8 app store there all are related to United States of America only. This will sends wrong signals to windows 8 users in different countries and users assume that store shows United States apps only.

This is wrong. A small change will clear this myth and allows users to download and install their region apps from app store.

How to get region apps from app store?

1. Press Win+c key combination to bring up the charms bar, and then click on settings button.
setings windows 8
2. Now click on control panel and go to control panel settings.
control panel in windows8
3. It shows all settings of your pc and you can select category view in control panel.
control panel settings in windows8
4. Select Clock, Language and Region category in control panel and click on change location in Region settings.
change location of region
5. Now change home location to your country from United States and click on OK button.
change location to india
6. Now open your windows 8 app store and see the changes in application categories. Here are few screenshots of Indian apps.
Indian apps in windows 8 app store

Jolicloud-Access All Your Favorite Websites at One Place

Now you can access your favorite websites and web services at one place in Internet by using jolicloud. In our daily Internet usage we browse many websites and use many web services. It is harder to remember all websites and services in internet.

 For easy accessing we use bookmarks in browser, but it is limited to your computer, actually many online bookmark sharing websites are also available.

If you want an alternative and better graphical user interface method jolicloud is a great choice. Jolicloud is a service that gives a dais to place your favorite websites like social networking sites and gaming sites.

Where to start?

1. Go to and create an account with your name and valid email address else you can login with your Facebook account.
2. Sign-up process is very simple, just fill up four fields.
3. After creating account your home page is created in jolicloud with some popular web services.
jolicloud interface

How to add new services in jolicloud?

1. After creating account your cloud desktop is ready with some web services and left side panel list your apps and services.
2. Click on Applications and go to bottom left corner of the screen,click on “+” button.
add new services in jolicloud
3. Now it launches App center with bunch of applications in various categories.
4. Click on any one of the category to add application and select service by clicking add button.
5. Finally click on Add button to place it in your applications panel.

How to create new application in jolicloud?

If you don’t want to add any existing popular services,you want to create your own applications by giving URL of the service.
1. Follow the first three steps of above process and click on create new app.
2. Now it displays a window with two fields name and URL.Give name and URL of web service and click on next button.
create new app
3. Now finalize the application with brief description and choose category,icon for service and click on create button.
finalize app
4. Now your application is created.Click on “go to my desktop” and access your favorite web services.
app creation completed
  • Easy navigation to access all your web services.
  • Connect to your favorite websites and services with one click.
  • Change background wall papers by clicking on right button corner.
  • Access your favorite web services anywhere via Internet

Create Your Own Jigsaw Puzzles in Windows8

Now you can create your own jigsaw puzzles without much effort in windows8.
Most of the people are interested in playing with jigsaw puzzles.It is more funny and time pass game,at the same time you can improve your memory skill by matching those pieces in puzzles.
Now you can play jigsaw puzzles in windows8 and also create your own jigsaw puzzles with your images available in pc. Here’s how to do it.
Steps to create jigsaw puzzles in windows8:
1. First download and install an application named “puzzlestouch” in windows8 app store.(Its free)
2. Open puzzlestouch app and you can able to see four levels of puzzles.
  • Easy
  • Intermediate
  • Challenging
  • Difficulty
3. Each level contains 10 puzzles and two common options. i.e
  • Create a puzzle from your photo album
  • Create a puzzle from your camera(if you have web camera it will be enabled)jigsaw puzzles in puzzletouch
4. Go to anyone level which one you want to make puzzles and click on “create a puzzle from your photo album”.
5. Now choose any one of the image in file manager and click on open button.
6. Immediately your jigsaw puzzles is created and make a challenge to you.
7. If you want to play it again go to puzzlestouch and select your created puzzle.
Try it and share your opinions about this post through comment form.