How to open mobile sites in pc?

In PC  browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome,Internet Explorer mobile sites are not open and it shows an empty page instead of content.Mobile site designers develop sites based on the mobile web browser architecture.There are two ways found on internet to browse mobile sites and download mobile content on PC.

1.Opera mini simulator

2.User agent switcher

--> I have list out two methods but explain the easy way to browse the mobile sites that is "user agent switcher".

user agent switcher is an add-on available on Firefox.You can grab it from Mozilla organization.

Download link :

Go to this link and click on Add to Firefox .Now a confirmation dialogue box will be displayed,click on install now button.Add on will be installed.Now restart Firefox for taking this effect to the browser.
installation of addon

Now go to Tools menu in menu bar and select default user agent,it shows available  agents.Select  iPhone 3.0 by clicking on it.Type the url  of the mobile sites like , .

user agent

You can access all webpages that includes in the mobile site and also download content from it.You can also access railway reservation site faster than desktop site .

If you want another method to view mobile sites just comment under this post.

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