Top 3 alternatives to google play

Every android user know about Google app store i.e Google play.It has lots of applications both paid and free.By using Google play appstore  you can directly download and install applications but you cannot get the .apk file separately.Setup files may need some times for example if your memory card formatted or corrupted and loss your applications.So if you need the setup files tryout these 3 websites.

1. 1mobile: is the one stop to all android apps and games.Maximum no of applications are available in this app market with direct download support.1mobile gives approximately 200000 applications direct downloads without sign in into Google play.You can choose apps and games from the app lists like photo editor apps,hands free,voice apps,ski apps,apps starter kit,games starter kit.Editors choice may give a guidance for your needs.If you have internet download manager in your browser then read this article to download .apk files with idm.

1mobile website

2. freewarelovers:

The homepage is simple with only four sections and you will click on android freeware and go to the android apps section.Apps and games will be divided into categories like communication,finance,multimedia and more.If you got confusion about categories then go to the browse section and select browse apps now all apps are in the list format.Now you can find apps by using the find option in your browser.

freeware lovers website

3. androidfreeware :

last but not least give no of free applications in various cat.especially it gives game cheat codes for popular games as apps.If you don't find any free app try to find it through search bar.

android freeware

As truly said there is no perfect alternative to Google Play because Google Play is tree and the other websites are branches to that.

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Ankit Jaiswal said...

These sites are good alternative of Google Play but they are only alternatives. I mainly use Google Play to download latest apps for my android devices.

raman bathina said...

Ankit jaswal i agreed with you and already i mention that in the bottom of post"As truly said there is no perfect alternative to Google Play".

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