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 In the cyber world privacy is more important to everyone because there is no one wants to track their online activities by another person or machine.Actually many of the websites try to know the user browsing habits by grabbing cookies and show the ads based on those habits.This will be sometimes useful to know some useful stuff through that ads but most of them are redirect to fake sites.So prevent from these we provide three (3) solutions.
          1. using “Tor” browser 
2. proxy sites 
          3. vpns(virtual private networks)

 In the above three methods we discuss about Tor browser

 1. How it works?

1. First download it from the below given link and extract it using any extracting software.     

2. There is no need of getting administrator privileges for this application because it is a portable app.

3. After extracting open tor browser folder and double click on "Start Tor Browser". Now it opens a control panel and show some status about secure connection.

tor browser

4. After connection establishment it opens portable firefox browser which is available in the tor browser folder with a congratulation message.

mozilla firefox

5. Now you are fully secured with tor browser(portable Firefox).

6. To stop tor browser just close the portable Firefox.

Bonus tip :

By using tor browser you can also open websites which are blocked by administrator of system.Here is a practical example of  opening blocked site using tor browser.

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 microsoft page

download link:Tor browser

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