How to delete specific system restore points using ccleaner?

windows restore point
System restore points are life savior things to our PC in risky conditions.Those are useful to retrieve PC condition to normal by removing the software and drivers which are making changes to our PC.All are okay but some of the restore points are not perform better operations in the process of retrieving good condition,there is no option in windows to set the lifetime for restore points.So if the memory allocation of system restore points are exceeded some of them are removed in the date wise manner.
To prevent from this condition we manually remove old restore points using ccleaner.Here is the process of removing restore points using ccleaner.

 Steps for removing restore points using ccleaner:

If you have ccleaner install it or download it from the following link Cclenaer
  1. Open ccleaner and go to tools tab.
  2. Select System restore tab,here available restore points are listed in date wise.
delete restore points using cclenaer
     3.  Select the unneccasry one(that means old or unimportant restore point) and click on remove       button.

     4. Then it displays a dialogue box with the following message"All selected restore points are removed.Are you sure you wish to proceed?".

delete restore point

     5.  Click on OK button.Its enough, removal process is done.


             The most recent restore points will not be highlighted for deletion due to system safety.

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