How to Prevent from Spam Mails using Temporary Mails?

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Email is an internet post card allows you to send message to many people.Mail service provider creates an address to you in internet,but this would be public while creating many accounts in many websites.Popular websites don’t sold those mail addresses to anyone but some of the websites sold out and some of them are leaked by the hackers.After that your inbox is full with the plenty of spam messages.To prevent from these spam mails temporary/disposable mails are the best option.Here I share some of the popular temporary mail services.


1. 10Minutemail:

It comes with simple interface and gives one random mail address,mail lifetime is 10 minutes.If you need more time click on 10 more minutes to reset the expiration time.

2. Guerrillamail:

It has four main fields inbox,compose,about us,tools and the email expiration time is 1 hour.It allows to edit the email address and change the domain name.It has 7domains,it checks mails every 10 seconds.

3. Mailinator:

Every time you refresh this site it gives random mail address and random domain name also.Type your mail address and click on go button to check your mails.

4. Dispostable:

This website is very simple with only two options.One is type any name in the box and check your inbox,another one is take the random email and use that as your temporary email address.This website has expiration time 2 days.This is my best one.
temporary mail

Final Words:

You can use these temporary mails to download guides,e-books without entering your original mail address and create accounts in various forums.These services will decrease the chances of getting spam mails in your inbox and these are not alternative to permanent mail services.

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