How to Remove Lockscreen Apps in Windows 8?

windows8 lockscreenDay by day windows 8 users are increased in the world because of its user interface,security,speed in response,optimization and many more things better than windows 7 and price is also reasonable.Straight to the point windows 8 provides many new features like metro screen an extended version to start menu,lock screen,multimonitor support etc.Today I will share a small tutorial on how to remove background apps on lock screen.
Windows 8 had provided a feature to show status and notifications,even screen is locked.

 Steps to Remove/Add apps on Lock Screen:

1. Press Win+c button on keyboard it opens windows charms bar,click on settings tile and go to change pc settings.
setings windows 8
2. By default personalize option is highlighted on the top select lock screen and go to down.
change pcsettings
3. Now you have to found lock screen on below,click on app you want to remove and select “Don’t show quick status here”.
remove apps in lockscreen

4.If you want to add windows app provided on the list click on  ”+”  symbol and add application.

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