Run Any Application Without Admin Rights in Windows?

spoonlogoIn Windows operating system you need admin rights to install and use any program.If you are a guest user and try to install any software it shows a message “you don’t have administrator privileges to install this software “.In this situation we are hopeless.To overcome this problem one useful internet plugin is available.By using this plugin you can run any software without installing it.This plugin also doesn’t require any type of installation.


 How to Get this Plugin?

1. first go to to download plugin and install it on windows.
2. Now it minimizes in the system tray.Click  on that and create a new account to use that application(Active internet connection is compulsory)

How to use Spoon Console?

1. After creation of an account click on all applications.It has 5 categories.
  • Productivity                                                                                        
  • Tools     
  • Media
  • social
  • Games
spoon console
2. Select anyone of them and each category had several sub categories.
3. Select the application you want to run,after buffering of an application automatically launch the application.
buffering application
4. That’s it,in this way you can run any application on windows operating system.


  • No need to install any application.
  • Bunch of free and open source software available.
  • Wide range of games are available.
  • Free for personal use.
  • Save disk space by running applications through spoon server.


  • Tick the “keep console on desktop” to pin it on desktop.
  • Tick on “open on startup” to run this plugin on system startup.
  • Press Alt+windows button to minimize and maximize the console.


  • Every time you run an application it needs an active internet connection.
You can get this plugin here Spoon console

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