How to Block Ads in Youtube?

 Here you can know about how to bypass video ads in YouTube  at the time of playing.youtubeYouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world with 800 million unique users every month.Recently youtube place number of ads while playing  video.Every featured video has 2 or more ads and this would be an irritating thing to every user.Now its time to concentrate on skipping ads in YouTube.
I have seen some articles through Google those suggests adblock plus addon to block ads in youtube but adblock plus blocks whole youtube videos.So I’m going to explain a new and easy method to skip ads in youtube for both firefox and chrome users.

How to block ads and what we need?

Here we need a simple extension to block ads in youtube.That is “User Agent Switcher”.I have already posted an article about user agent switcher for open mobiles in pc.Now a little more bit of work that will definitely block video type ads in youtube.

Steps for blocking ads in youtube for firefox users:

1. First you need to download user agent switcher extension from addon website mozilla addons store.User agent switcher
2. After downloading install it.Now a confirmation dialogue box displayed,click on install button.Now restart firefox browser to take effect.
user agent switcher
3. Now go to tools menu in menu bar and select user agent switcher options by clicking on options.
4. Here the trick begins first download the total lists of user agents.
5. After that import user agents xml file by clicking import button.
importing of user agents
6. Finally click on ok button.
7. Once again goto tools menu and click on default useragent and select browsers –windows>legacy browsers>Mozilla 4.01(win 7 64).You can use other old browsers also.
user agent selection
8.  Task completed now you can watch videos without video ads.

Steps for blocking ads in youtube for chrome users:

1. Download user agent switcher extension from chrome webstore.User Agent Swithcer
2. Install it by clicking on add to chrome
3. Now restart the browser,open user agent switcher by clicking on icon beside of chrome menu or you can directly access by typing this url in address bar “chrome://extensions”(with out quotes)
4. The remaining process of downloading and importing user agents xml file is same as firefox.
5. After completing the all steps set the user agent as any windows legacy browser(firefox 4.01/netscape4.8)
6. Now open youtube and play any video without video ads.
If any doubts regarding this article don’t feel shy to ask me via contact form/comments.

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