How to Increase Browser Startup Speed Using Ccleaner?

                       firefox logo          By performing this simple tweak you can speed up your browser startup speed.

Every pc user wants to get better performance from the pc and browser.But its not an easy task for the beginners  that means normal users,because the configuration and settings are familiar to only advanced users.To overcome this problem here i will provide simple tweak for getting better startup speed in all browsers.


What are the factors behind the delay of browser startup?

  • There are many plugins and extensions are automatically loaded into memory by default when a browser starts.
  • Toolbars,bookmarks are also loaded into the memory

How to fix this problem using ccleaner?

1. For doing this operation  you need to install ccleaner.If you already installed that,update to the latest version else download it from the product website
2. Go to tools menu in ccleaner you have noticed 4 options like uninstall,startup,system restore,drive wiper.
3. Select startup from the four tabs you have seen all the startup entries of all browsers installed on your computer.
4. Select your browser in those tabs and disable/delete unnecessary plugins and extensions.
speedup browser
5. Now see the difference of your browser startup speed.

Note: You must install the latest ccleaner version for performing this operation.

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