Zamzar-Online Free File Converter

                                       Zamzer is an online service provides free file conversion and supports many file formats.
In our daily pc usage we are working with many file types.Some of them are worked perfectly,some are worked partially.In order to get best results from the files we need to convert them into flexible and convenient file types.
For this purpose there are many software available but they are bounded in one zone only.That means if you want to convert video files you use video converter,if you want to convert pdf to word document you use pdf 2 word converter.But there is no common converter to convert all file types.That is risky process because it takes more memory space and more system resources.To overcome this situation we have a great tool on internet that is “zamzar”.

What is Zamzar?

Zamzar is a dedicated online file converter that converts songs,videos,images and documents into different formats.
zamzar interface

How to access it?

1. First goto by typing url in web browser
2. Zamzar provides conversion process with in 4 steps.
conversion process
3. First select file by clicking browse button and choose the conversion format.
4. Enter your email address to receive converted files.
5. Finally click on convert button to start the conversion process.

Supported file formats:

  • Document formats
  • Image formats
  • Music formats
  • Video formats
  • E-book formats
  • Compressed formats
  • CAD formats
Every category has sub categories and those sub categories also contain sub categories

Special features:

  • It supports approximately 1000 file formats
  • Converts by file presets.
  • Convert files from your email inbox by using zamzar email conversions
  • Convert files from internet by giving url as source.
  • No need to create any account to convert files below 100 mb.
If you don’t want to give email address use temporary email address(read this post How to prevent from spam mails?)
mail confirmation


  • File upload limit is 100 mb for free users
  • No specific inbox to store your converted for future purpose.


By comparing features and factors this is best choice for converting files online without having any account.Except the upload limit it is best choice among all other services.

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