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Nokia and Apple are, undoubtedly, two of the most successful mobile-manufacturing companies. Both have given us excellent models, from the classic and indestructible Nokia 3310, to the classy and glitzy iPhone 4s. They have been leading the charts for many years now, and even though Nokia came first, Apple has surged far ahead of the others, becoming the first trillion-dollar company in the world. Hence, it is impossible to denote a clear winner, but still, as reviewers, we shall now try to make out the best in these two amazing companies.


In terms of hardware, iPhone 5 is distinctly slimmer, narrower and lighter, while Lumia 920 is a bit on the bulky side. The screen is mostly the same size, and with only a difference of .5mm, Lumia 920’s screen is larger. The internal storage of the iPhone 5 is 64 GB, which is double that of Lumia 920, which has only b space. However, in the case of processor, Lumia is better in both speed and size. Its CPU clock speed (2X1.5Ghz) is 20% percent more than that of iPhone 5’s (2X1.2Ghz) while its semiconductor is 15% smaller. Also, Nokia Lumia 920’s Gorilla Glass is much more durable than iPhone 5’s screen. Lumia’s battery life is also 18% larger, and it has wireless charging as well.
This aspect’s a little tough to judge, since Apple has portability and larger internal memory, while Nokia has the advantage of better performance and better battery. But if I had to choose one, I would say Nokia Lumia 920.


First off, Apple’s iOS is considerably better than Nokia’s Windows Phone. With more than 750, 000 apps, and more coming every day, iOS makes a killing in this aspect. It is also much more user-friendly, with a lot more variety, and very useful apps inbuilt already. Windows Phone is much more glitzy and pretty, but in real terms, iOS reigns supreme. Adding to that, the iPhone 5 has a much newer version of Bluetooth (4.0) as compared to Nokia Lumia 920’s 3.0. On the other hand, Lumia 920 has some very nifty features like USB transfer, which renders Bluetooth mostly useless, and Near-Field-Communication (NFC) which allows wireless transactions like payments. Also, its upload speed is higher.
All in all, Apple has the upper hand here. iOS is obviously better than Windows Phone, and the newer version of Bluetooth is also a plus point. Nokia mostly lags behind, with only a few useful features to uphold its status.


There is no question about it, Nokia Lumia 920 is the clear-cut winner. With a branded camera (Carl Zeiss), two-stage shutter, more megapixels, better focus, dual flash, etc. etc. the list goes on. Apple has only the coveted AF tracking system to save its face here. AF tracking follows the subject if it moves around in the photo, which means that you’ll never get another blurry picture again. But despite this, Lumia 920’s camera is WAY better than Apple iPhone 5’s.
In this particular field, Lumia 920 wins hands down. No question about it at all.

All-in-all Performance:

While Apple iPhone 5 may be the first choice for old mobile users, many new members of this franchise are looking eagerly towards Nokia Lumia 920. It is a charm to use and operate, and the ease of access with wireless features (no more tangled wires!) like wireless charging, wireless transactions, data transfer and much more. So, conclusively speaking, in terms of sale, iPhone 5 may rule the market, but the relatively new Lumia brand is quickly moving up the charts. Apple has the advantage of an already existing goodwill, more internal storage, better Bluetooth, way more apps, and a lot more.
So in terms of performance, it’s mostly a tie between the two. Hence, I leave it up to the user to decide for himself/herself which one suits him/her more.

Final Verdict:

I hope you understand how difficult it is to choose a clear winner out of the two. I have provided the details, the comparison and the facts. And now, it is up to each of you to decide which one to choose, since, after all, it is your own money you’re spending.

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This is a Guest Post by Raj for techiestate and techieword

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