Asus Webstorage–A New Cloud App For Windows8 Users

Asus extends their services to cloud services also by introducing new windows 8 app. Cloud services are increased day by day and it is necessary source for every pc user to store their files in internet securely. In this way every one use cloud desktop applications to integrate their system with cloud services and syncing folders and important files to cloud services.
I've already share an article about top 5 cloud service providers at and this is new service which entered in cloud service market. We all know about Asus which is a leading laptop manufacturer in the world and now they launch windows 8 app to access their web storage which allows you to sync and access your files through internet anywhere in the world.

Asus web storage for Windows 8:

1. you can download it from the Asus WebStorage website or download from windows 8 app store.
2. After installing open it from the metro start menu and you don’t have any account in Asus web storage click on signup and create an account with your primary email address.
3. After creating an account login with your credentials and you can see 4 categories
  • Space
  • Tag
  • Attribute
  • Share
Asus WebStorage
4. In Space category you can check your syncing folders, backup data and your collection.
5. Track all changes of files and folders in attribute tile and you can recent music, photos also.
6. You can see the account settings and other account information easily by pressing the Win+c key combination while on application.
account info on asus web storage
7. Give app permissions to control the application usage in computer.
app permissions in asus web storage


  • Easy to use tile user interface.
  • Gives 5 GB cloud storage without referrals.
  • Easily share files and folders by creating collaboration.
  • Upload files and folders easily by right click on application.
  • Create video and audio record files which are missed in other cloud services.

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