How to Check Your Computer Security Score?

Now you can check your computer security score within a minute by using OPSWAT security score score of computer

Few Straight Questions to readers:

1. How long time you perform a full scan of your computer?
2. Do you use updated browser for internet?
3. In which date you update your antivirus?
4. Do you enable firewall or not?
If you said no to any two questions you need to check your computer security score and perform actions towards it.
               Security is the main aspect for every computer and without following any security measurements you will be in the edge of risk. That means risk comes in any form like Trojan horse, malware, phishing attacks. Once you’re victimized by these attacks loss is unpredictable and unrecoverable.

              So we need to understand security flaws of our computer by checking and analyzing security score. If you want to know about your computer security score this tool is designed for you.

Opswat security score

OPSWAT is a security tool which is designed by OESIS team to check your computer security level.
1. Go to product website and download security score tool.
2. This is portable tool and you don’t need to install it on your computer.

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3. After downloading the tool open it double clicking and check the agreement box and click on start button to start the security test.
security score
4. It checks whole your computer under 7 categories.
  • Firewall
  • Hard disk encryption
  • Patch management
  • Backup
  • Public file sharing
  • Antivirus
  • Anti-phishing
5. After completion of security check it assign scores to those categories and total score displayed in the middle of the chart.
securtiy score category wise
6. If you want to check how it gives score to those categories click them individually and see the details completely.
antivirus score
7. It shows the current status of products and gives suggestions to improve security score.

Now it is in beta state and in my testing “export log” feature doesn’t works well and it leads to application crash in windows. So let’s give it a try to check your computer security score.

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