Jolicloud-Access All Your Favorite Websites at One Place

Now you can access your favorite websites and web services at one place in Internet by using jolicloud. In our daily Internet usage we browse many websites and use many web services. It is harder to remember all websites and services in internet.

 For easy accessing we use bookmarks in browser, but it is limited to your computer, actually many online bookmark sharing websites are also available.

If you want an alternative and better graphical user interface method jolicloud is a great choice. Jolicloud is a service that gives a dais to place your favorite websites like social networking sites and gaming sites.

Where to start?

1. Go to and create an account with your name and valid email address else you can login with your Facebook account.
2. Sign-up process is very simple, just fill up four fields.
3. After creating account your home page is created in jolicloud with some popular web services.
jolicloud interface

How to add new services in jolicloud?

1. After creating account your cloud desktop is ready with some web services and left side panel list your apps and services.
2. Click on Applications and go to bottom left corner of the screen,click on “+” button.
add new services in jolicloud
3. Now it launches App center with bunch of applications in various categories.
4. Click on any one of the category to add application and select service by clicking add button.
5. Finally click on Add button to place it in your applications panel.

How to create new application in jolicloud?

If you don’t want to add any existing popular services,you want to create your own applications by giving URL of the service.
1. Follow the first three steps of above process and click on create new app.
2. Now it displays a window with two fields name and URL.Give name and URL of web service and click on next button.
create new app
3. Now finalize the application with brief description and choose category,icon for service and click on create button.
finalize app
4. Now your application is created.Click on “go to my desktop” and access your favorite web services.
app creation completed
  • Easy navigation to access all your web services.
  • Connect to your favorite websites and services with one click.
  • Change background wall papers by clicking on right button corner.
  • Access your favorite web services anywhere via Internet

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