How to Create SFX Archive without Using any Software?

Now you can create self-extracting archive in windows without using any third party software.
In our daily usage we are working with many file types especially zip files. We use zip files to send more files in less amount of size in internet. This is OK but what you done if you don’t have any file any file extracting software. Let us assume you don’t have active internet connection too, you are hopeless.
To overcome this problem you need to create self-extracting archive. To do this operation many applications are available in the internet like WinRAR, WinZip etc. But we can do the same task without using any third party software.

Steps to create self extracting archive in windows:

1. Open run box with win+r key combination and type “iexpress” in run box.
2. Now it opens iexpress tool, to create self-extract archive.
3. By default “create new self-extraction directive file” option selected just click on next button
iexpress interface

4. Now you need to select final result of the package. “Select files and run an installation command” and click on next button..

selection of extraction type

5. Type title of package in the box and click on next button.
pack name in iexpress
6. Now select prompt type to “No prompt and click on next.
select prompt type
7. Set license agreement if any have else set it to default and click on next button.
select license agreement
8. Now add files by clicking on add button and select no of files and click on next button.
9. Type file name in “Install program” box and click on next.
install program
10. Now select the self extracting method in the following methods.
show window
11. If you want to display any message to your friends type in that or else leave it and click on next button.
12. Now select the target path to save the self extracting archive by clicking browser button and click on next button.
13. Select “no restart and click on next button.
restart method
14. Click on next button two times repeatedly to create package.
15. Package creation is completed and it creates an exe file.

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