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How to Secure your Facebook Account?

Today Facebook is the one of the most popular social networking website in the internet. Any popular site is there then attacks on that site is  high. In social networking sites this attacks are  very high.In present situation there are so many Facebook accounts was hacked.So in order to prevent this hacking you can secure your Facebook account by doing the following activities.

Ways to  secure your account :

1. Set the Login Notifications
2. Change privacy settings
3. Secure Browsing
4. Active Sessions

Login Notifications:    (via email)
           If you enable  this notifications every time you login to your Facebook account it will ask you to name the new device. If you enter the device name you used and click on “save device”  it will be saved in the recognized devices list in the Account Settings. Then a mail is sent to your mail id contains “ a new device named "My laptop" on Sunday, 6 January 2013 at 23:19. This device has been added to your account”. If you think you don’t open your account then this email is inform you the Facebook account activity. so you can  login to your Facebook account and change your password.
facebook newdevice
   If you don’t want to enter the device name then simply click on the “Don’t Save”  button and login to your account.
facebook device notification
   This  is the Notification email sent to your email.
Login Notifications:    (via sms)
        To get the login notifications via sms to your mobile then register your mobile number in the account settings.After registering you get the login notifications to your mobile whenever you login to your Facebook account. This will help you to know your Facebook account activity  when you don’t access your email messages frequently.

Change Privacy Settings:
      When your privacy settings are set as public then it is easy to see your personnel info by anyone in the Facebook. By keeping your personnel info visible to your friends then others cant see your info. This will reduce the attacks that’s based upon the personal information.
facebook privacy settings
Secure Browsing:
      This feature will help your account from using on the proxy servers. Proxy servers are hide their online activity. When you set this feature on then the your account is operated only in a secured connection. Secure connection means the site doesn’t operate in proxy you can freely operate your account in secure connection. Actually hacker are using the proxy servers to hide their online activity.
facebook securitysettings
Active sessions:
     This is the log list of your Facebook account. When you log on to your account then your system IP Address and the location is captured and saved in this session.After logout this session will be expired. You can check this session every time you logon.Is there any active session then it means that somebody else using your account.So to stop the others activity then click on the End Activity Button.So others session of your account is ended.

facebook activesessions
If you know any other and best methods to secure Facebook account please share those points via comment form.

3 Facebook Color Scams You Probably Never Heard Of

facebook color icon
There is no need of introduction about Facebook to every internet user.Facebook is a top 2 website in the world.Actually hackers and web crooks target popular social media networks to spread the spam messages and scams for getting user details,money and trap the users into that.Facebook is the biggest social media network in the web.Spammers gather data from victims by using new methods(scams by app installation). In this way they attract users with color scams. In this post i list out 3 color scams that are popular on internet.

  • Black Facebook(recent)
  • Pink Facebook
  • Green Facebook            

1. Black Facebook:

If you found any post with "change color right now" link in your Facebook profile then it will be spam link opens an application and request to get permissions for change the color of your Facebook to black.After the installation process there is no change made in Facebook color,it requests a survey for final result.Here web crooks gather your data by using survey.Instead of that they post advertisement on your timeline.
black facebook
Image credits :Hoax Slayer

2. Pink Facebook:

 This is an old color scam,which is not effect to your timeline but your activity on that profile will earn affiliate cash for the spammers.They design a timeline with the title "switch to pink facebook(limited time)" and the message in timeline is"This new year facebook is trying out its new version"pink book",so the first 10,000 people get this effect to try it out for free".
pink facebook scam
Image credits:

3.Green Facebook:

Scammers try to utilize every chnace that will give money or anything else.In this way they release malicious tools in social media for quick sharing and spreading.Here is another one"change2green" is an application switch your facebook color to green.After you give permissions to that app it spread over your timeline and posts spam messages for getting money from that messages to scammers.
green facebook icon
Image credits:Hoax Slayer

 Till now there are many fake apps revolve around the Facebook.Here is an example snapshot of searching that type of apps.
facebook apps list

Beware of scams and spam surveys in Facebook and block ads on your Facebook profile by installing add-on "ad block plus"setup guide will be already posted on this blog,you can check the post "The ultimate addon for blocking ads in firefox".

The Truth :

Actually there is a reason behind the blue color of Facebook, Facebook founder "mark zuckerberg" has color blindness.So there is no chance to change the color of Facebook icon or profile.
The Ultimate addon for blocking ads in firefox Read more:

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The Ultimate addon for blocking ads in firefox Read more:

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The Ultimate addon for blocking ads in firefox Read more:

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The Ultimate addon for blocking ads in firefox Read more:

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The Ultimate addon for blocking ads in firefox Read more:

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